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There are a variety of different bingo games played both online and in bingo halls around the globe. The basic principle of bingo is that it’s a game of probability, where numbers are drawn and or called. Players then mark these numbers off on their game-card, and the winner is the first person to successfully mark all the numbers on their card. Bingo originated in the 1500s and is believed to have been created in Italy. A typical bingo ticket contains 27 spaces, with a total of nine columns and three rows. This can differ slightly depending upon which country you are playing in and also, if you are playing in a bingo hall or online. Row Bingo is a great resource for anyone requiring information on the different types of bingo games.

In the UK, bingo is normally played using the numbers 1-90 (90 ball bingo) but in the US, numbers 1-75 are used (75 ball bingo). In the States, five column card are used with the letters B I N G O across the top of the columns on the card. The centre square is labelled free space and players are victorious when completing a column, row, or a diagonal. There are various twists on the classic bingo game in America including U-Pick’Em bingo, Quick Shot bingo, Bonanza bingo, Facebook bingo, Horse racing bingo, Table bingo, Electronic bingo and even Death bingo! All these different bingo games use similar principles but there is a slight variation on the rules for each of the games.

Online bingo is the main source of interest for us here at The biggest difference between online bingo games and live play is the fact a random number generator is used rather than balls and a bingo caller. There is also the ability to chat and converse with fellow bingo players using live online chat boxes that are provided by nearly all the online bingo operators. Some sites have very close communities and that is a large part of the appeal for a number of players. Usually, the chat is moderated to prevent abuse and the general atmosphere at online bingo sites is very friendly and welcoming. Stick with Row Bingo to find out where the best places are to take part in your online bingo games.