Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette

Roulette tables are among the most popular items in casinos as people love the fact that it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. There is also the chance to win money – and plenty of it – quickly, which is ultimately what every person wants to do when they are at the casino. However if you fancy playing Roulette online, all the top bingo operators are offering Bingo Roulette.

Any time you play roulette – either in a casino or in online bingo room – you’re looking for the big score that will set you up for quite a pay day. If you can walk away with just a few more pounds than you started with that’s generally good enough, but in a perfect world you’re after much more.

The odds are definitely against you winning massive amounts at a roulette table, but there are enough stories of legends of the gambling world that have bet big and come away with huge wins to fill you with confidence that it could happen to you. So here are some of the biggest and most audacious wins.

Joseph Jagger

Jagger is known in some circles as the original roulette champion and even earned the moniker of ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’. Dating back to 1873, the story started when he hired six clerks to secretly record the outcome of six different roulette wheels in Monaco.

He noted that one of them had a bias, with certain numbers coming up far more often than others. Once he was confident in these findings, he started to place big bets and within three days he had won £60,000. Adjusted for inflation rates today, that would have made him a millionaire several times over.Jagger was told never to return but it didn’t matter; he had beaten the house.

Richard Jarecki

He was a doctor who played roulette in his leisure time. Upon finding that some of the wheels in his local casino were a bit skewed, he developed a system of biased-wheel play. He played predominantly in casinos in San Remo and Monte Carlo, and on one occasion walked away with $1.28 million.

Barney Vinson

While Vinson isn’t known for getting particularly rich from playing the game, he did bear witness to one of the more unbelievable moments in roulette history. On one summer afternoon in 2000 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas he claimed to have witnessed the number seven pop up six times in a row. American roulette tables have two zeroes, meaning there are 38 spaces and the odds of something coming up six times in a row are 3,010,936,384-1, which is something that you won’t see every day.

However, the players were so scared of jinxing the run that they didn’t bet on it coming up again and the casino only lost $300 on the six spins.

Philip Green

As a retail mogul, Green was already a man who had a fair bit of money, but it doesn’t stop the fact that he had a very good time of it on the roulette wheels in 2004. According to reports he won £2 million in one night at a casino in Mayfair and a further £1 million on another night.

Balvinder Sambhi

Sambhi was another person on their way to an amazing roulette winning streak, but the casinos stopped him in his tracks. He devised a can’t-lose system and introduced it to casinos across Britain, but after winning £28,000 in just two months, all casinos banned him. His secret betting pattern may never see the light of day.

Give it a go yourself

Having heard of some of the stories in which people have truly won big, why not give it a go yourself and see if your name can be added to the illustrious list of big winners? Betfair Casino has a wide range of roulette wheels to enjoy, from electronic games to those spun by live dealers through a video feed. We have everything you could want to set you on the path to roulette immortality. The below operators also offer Bingo Roulette online. Why not join for a roulette spin on the below bingo operators. Check the below links:

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